Controversial move by Pasapalabra contestant that angered the audience

In Password While this is not always the case, friendship usually prevails. There were quite tense moments between the opponents in the program this week. Orestes, faced off against one of the show’s best-known contestants, Marisa, a woman from Madrid who had four previous shows and three defeats against her opponent. On Wednesday, the healthy rivalry that often reigns in the television space environment was marred by a gesture. Marisa which angered the audience.

Tense moments in Pa┼čapalabra

In the last part of the program, Orestes and Marisa answered students’ questions. rosco. The man from Burgos had 154 seconds to solve the test, while the man from Madrid had 145 seconds. Less than 10 seconds difference did not change the balance a priori to either contestant. So they began responding to each one in turn, and Orestes finished the first round with 20 hits, while his opponent was only able to decipher 10 words. However, the remaining time for each was also different. The senior contestant only had 41 seconds to keep guessing the words, while Marisa still had 79 seconds.

Roberto Leal, host of ‘Pasapalabra’.

Marisa’s unsportsmanlike act in Pasapalabra

At one point in the program Orestes expressed his doubts about the answer corresponding to the letter N. Sardinia said, “We will play even though we have options,” he then chose to respond. nuoro and it failed. At that moment, an unusual event occurred that surprised both the host of the show, the audience, and the rest of the table at that time. Instead of mourning (as those at the table and the public did), Marisa could not hide her happiness at her rival’s mistake. he applauded.

The tense main reaction of the audience

This gesture did not go unnoticed, and it was not long before comments on social networks appeared to criticize Marisa’s unsportsmanlike behavior in the face of her husband’s failure.

Orestes in ‘Pasapalabra.

In the end, he managed to beat the Madrilenian Orestes and won his first program and 600 euros after three previous defeats. However, most of the viewers do not forgive him for his unsportsmanlike act. applaud your opponent’s mistake. However, some also take their side and criticize the “fakeness” of other contestants, who pretend to be upset when their opponents fail, when in reality they are happy inside.

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