Political scientist Sezer: The participation of Finland and Sweden in NATO will contribute to militarization in the world

Turkish political scientist and economist, former Turkish trade representative in Russia, Aydın Sezer, evaluated the possible entry of Finland and Sweden into NATO, writes TASS. He believes this will contribute to the militarization of the world.

“The entry of Finland and Sweden will not contribute to establishing global peace. On the contrary, it will contribute to the militarization of the world.” He added that with the political influence and pressure of the USA and the UK, it is difficult to understand the possibility of membership in the Finnish alliance.

The political scientist concluded that Russia’s policy towards NATO enlargement near its borders is very sensitive and effective.

USA expects Sweden and Finland soon will be served We are also ready to immediately consider applications to join NATO. This was announced by US Assistant Secretary of State Karen Donfried at a congressional hearing. According to him, Washington is ready to guarantee security to these two countries while their applications are being evaluated.

Robert Menendez, Chairman of the Congressional Foreign Relations Committee, added that the applications will be reviewed quickly.

Source: Gazeta


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