Acquitted after a Benidorm judge speculated that the phone explosions were based on “mere suspicion”

A Benidorm court acquitted four defendants robbing the tourists British national in entertainment areas after you have canceled phone call according to the sentence on which the investigation was based, to which this newspaper had access. The police demanded intervention by calling the suspects’ phones at the scene. Organized gang specializing in attacking groups of drug traffickers. However, from the content of these wiretaps, they can only accuse them of stealing mobile phones from tourists and attacking some houses. The Benidorm Criminal Court No. 2 concluded that the police suspicions did not justify the hacking of the phones and that it was a test. “forward only”, as noted by the lawyer Francisco Gonz├ílez, who defended some of the defendants. Therefore, the judge canceled the entire investigation and acquitted the four defendants. The decision is not final and It is possible to appeal to the Alicante Court..

The prosecution demanded prison sentences ranging from one year to nine years and four and a half years, depending on the extent to which each of the defendants attended the hearing. violent theft, theft, theft, entering and receiving stolen goods. In any event, the Ministry of Public Affairs requested that a conviction be replaced by a conviction. expulsion of the accused from his national territory and a ten-year re-entry ban. One of the defendants was expelled from Spain before the trial, and some spent several months in precautionary detention and would continue to seek compensation after acquittal.

The robberies they are accused of were committed in Benidorm Between May and July 2009, during the period when the cell phone of one of the defendants was tapped. The prosecution evaluated that they were all devoted to stealing in the entertainment areas of the city, so these criminal acts were their way of life. Ministry of Public Affairs accused them of stealing eight high-quality mobile phones. In some cases, it was a careless robbery that took advantage of the crowd. But when they were discovered, they did not hesitate. to face their victims. A British tourist clutched a ruptured tendon in his right hand when he was pushed to the ground while struggling with them while trying to retrieve his wallet. They were also charged with possession of stolen phones. hotel rooms They accessed it by forcing the entrance.

The judge concludes that the police report was used to request the hacking of the phone”is nothing but doubts or conjecturesIn the decision, it is stated that “In both the police letter and the following order, the criminal acts under investigation and interventions towards a certain crime are not allowed”. In the decision, during the hearing of the inspector, President of UDYCO in Alicante He said undisclosed sources had warned them that the two brothers, who devoted themselves to organized crime among drug traffickers and in connection with the robberies in their homes, had settled in Benidorm and were therefore repeatedly pursued. Given the questionable behavior of the detainees, the Police chose to request permission to wiretap on suspicion of criminal activity. “That’s it, It must be concluded that there is no real evidence. or those who were first investigated for certain criminal acts have legitimate suspicions,” the decision states.

Source: Informacion


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