Woman arrested for pretending to be drugged to steal a luxury watch in Ibiza

A 61-year-old Hispanic Brazilian woman informed the National Police on April 22 that she was the victim of a serious violent crime in Ibiza.

According to his statement at the police station, the same Closer to the heart of Ibiza He described how, when he was about to donate to a well-known nonprofit, two people placed a piece of cloth impregnated with a substance on it, and after that incident he remembered nothing else.

Later, a few hours later, the woman said she appeared handcuffed on a beach in the north of the island, first by several tourists who had helped her, and then began calling emergency services, which eventually transported her to the hospital. Can miss the hospital.

From the outset and considering the seriousness of the reported incidents, UDEV group investigators began investigating the matter to try to identify the so-called perpetrators of such incidents who came to drug the victim with some kind of substance to rob. force her into a vehicle and leave her lying handcuffed in the area of ​​Cala de Sant Vicente. The woman assured the Police that they had stolen €8,000 to donate to the NGO and gave her a high quality gold watch with diamonds.

During the police investigation, a number of inconsistencies were identified in the events described by the complainant, which were eventually confirmed to be lies.

Therefore, yesterday, Wednesday, this person was accused of being the author of an alleged author. crime simulation crimecontinues efforts to clarify what the motive is that commits it.

Source: Informacion


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