Inditex agrees to buy 100 million recycled fabrics

Inditex is hosting an event this Thursday. agreement with a supplier for €100 million over three years for the purchase of recycled and recyclable fabrics. Especially with the Finnish company Endless Fiber Company. This is an unusual agreement within the industry that aims to promote sustainability goals through trust agreements with suppliers capable of producing the fabrics the industry needs to meet its environmental goals. Textile circularity crosses the threshold of the promise of being a requirement of the assurances of industry boards and consumers. For 100 million Euros, Inditex guarantees the three-year sales of 30% of the Finnish firm’s production volume.

infinna It is a textile fiber produced by the Infinited Fiber Company and can be created entirely from textile waste. This acquisition commitment is important to Inditex’s plans to scale up its recycling technology through its first large industrial-capacity factory, which will be operational in 2024, when it will begin purchasing its fabrics.

This project is part of Inditex’s Center for Sustainability Innovation, an open innovation platform that works with start-ups, academic institutions and technology centers to foster and scale innovative initiatives involving new materials, technologies and processes that reduce the environmental footprint of fashion and charity products. is part of it. move towards sustainable and circular solutions.


The fabric has a high composition of cellulose-like worn-out garments and cotton with a touch and appearance similar to traditional cotton and can be recycled back in the same process along with other textile waste. Thanks to this fiber, Inditex will be able to continue to minimize the use of virgin resources and move towards a circular production model.

As part of this collaboration, Zara has also launched the first capsule containing this fiber, mostly from clothing supplied by Cáritas, an organization that collaborates on Zara’s used clothing collection programme.

Another factor that draws attention to Inditex’s strategy is that the Finnish company’s recycling and production capacity will be much higher than the purchases planned by the Galician company, so it will also benefit other brands that want to use the fabric.

Inditex Director of Sustainability, Javier Losada, pointed out that the announcement is part of the overall strategy to “search for new alliances, processes and materials that will help us create new fibers from pre- and post-consumer textile waste”. Petri Alava, CEO and co-founder of Infinited Fiber Company, acknowledged in a statement that the deal will enable Infinna to become “the majority textile raw material in the future”.

Inditex will use these fabrics in its seven brands (Zara, Pull&Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho and Zara Home) operating in more than 200 markets.

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