Lack of funding for humanitarian aid puts thousands of Palestinians at risk

If the constant violence by land and air wasn’t tragedy enough, Palestinian society now faces an imminent humanitarian catastrophe. In the Gaza Strip, St. World Food Program It cannot continue due to lack of funds from the United Nations (WFP). This United Nations project will stop providing livelihoods to 60% of beneficiaries, some 200,000 people of the residential area that it feeds on a daily basis. Also, the UN Palestinian Refugee Agency (UNRWAfor its acronym in English) set off all of its alarms because it was only able to raise it. $107 million out of $300 required To finance schools and health centers in the Palestinian territories.

UN Secretary General, Anthony GuterresUNRWA’s on the brink of financial collapseworking with and Close to $75 million open. Last Friday, a commitment conference was held at United Nations headquarters for countries to contribute more funds to the agency that is the backbone of much of the Palestinian community’s education and health services. Only 36% of the required funds were obtained. UNRWA Commissioner General, Philippe LazzariniHe said he was grateful for the new commitments, but that they were below the amount needed to keep more than one. 700 schools and 140 clinics From September to December.

WFP urgently needs its share 51 million dollars To continue its support in Palestine until the end of the year. In the case of Gaza, the last Conflict between Israel and Islamic Jihad Leaving more than thirty dead, it made the Strip’s economic problems worse. While Israeli authorities have been aware of the problem for weeks, the prime minister’s government Benjamin Netanyahu Unlike non-governmental organisations, it promotes new legislation. Diplomatic representatives from the West have expressed their concerns as they believe that closing the program will cause and exacerbate a humanitarian crisis. risk of escalation security.

5.9 million Palestinians

“There’s a government in Israel that doesn’t want to do anything about Palestine, but for a moment humanitarian crisis“Send ambassadors to ask us to increase our financial support,” said one Western diplomat. Haaretz. Spokesperson of the UN Secretary General, gloomy appearance. “Without the necessary financial support, WFP will have to suspend its operations completely in August: this means: 350,000 of the most vulnerable Palestinians and they will be deprived of the help that allows them to feed their families with food insecurity.” In addition, many people believe that this first break is due to other humanitarian organizations. stop providing help.

At the beginning of the year, UNRWA requested 1.6 billion dollars For their programs, operations and emergency response in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and the Israeli-occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza Strip. That includes about $850 million for him. basic Budget, It covers the operation of schools and health centers. On its 75th anniversary, the UN agency was established to provide education, health, social services and jobs to hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees. forcibly displaced During the establishment of the State of Israel his lives lowest hours. The lives of the 5.9 million Palestinians it sustains are at risk.

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