Sad man waiting half an hour for an ambulance in Barcelona did not die of external causes

neighbor Barcelona 37 years old According to EL PERIÓDICO, a newspaper belonging to the same group as this outlet, those who died in Avinguda de Parallel after waiting for an ambulance for half an hour, did not die of external causes, according to the autopsy performed on his body. In other words, the cause of death was not related to the restraint that Mossos d’Esquadra agents put in place to prevent him from harming himself by crashing into a car, as the testimonies of this newspaper’s interview indicate. On Thursday night, shortly before his death, the man very upset and under the influence of some drugs. The toxicology report will help clarify whether he died from a narcotic substance and perhaps make it possible to know whether his luck would have changed had he been helped more quickly by the ambulance.

According to three eyewitnesses interviewed by this newspaper last Friday, several citizens eating at restaurants in Avinguda de Parallel noticed his discomfort and requested an ambulance from 911 to assist him, but the ambulance did not come until it stopped. cardiorespiratory, half an hour after the first Emergency call. Police sources confirmed the delay and explained that the man passed out while agents were holding him to avoid injury. in the presence of a citizen who introduces himself as a doctor. Witnesses confirmed the police version. sources Medical Emergency System (SEM) They explained that the event entered at 9:50 p.m. from 112 and was initially classified as ‘minor’. About half an hour later, they stressed that this was considered “serious” and the ambulance arrived “within three minutes” according to this latest assessment.


At around nine o’clock at night, a visibly upset man crossed Avinguda de Parallel shouting and holding a chair, a bar worker told this newspaper last Friday. vigo, whose terrace he sat next to. He looked like a tourist as he spoke English but he lives in Barcelona. “He sat with his back to the bumper of a car parked on the side of the Parallel with his ass on the sidewalk, and he hugged his knees with his arms,” added another waiter from the bar. BorrellLocated next to the Galician business.

This newspaper added to the testimony of the two waiters, the testimony of a married couple, who were customers of the second bar, who saw the occasional incident and confirmed that the man was out of his mind. “Customers called an ambulance,” they said. And a couple approached the neighbor to try to calm him down. However, his situation ended by shaking off the woman who had fallen to the ground, possibly due to drug use. During this time, a patrol Mossos d’Esquadra -The Ciutat Vella police station is not far away- crossed the area and some customers approached a vehicle that was at a crime scene at the time. prisoner transferask for help.

The agents, who got out of the vehicle to serve the customers, saw the man’s condition and asked for support. A few minutes later, several policemen went to Vigo’s terrace. The man was still sitting on the floor, who announced last Friday that police sources had been consulted and that he had been drinking “drugs” in English. “A perimeter was opened – leaving him in the center – and an ambulance was called again,” the body officially said. A few minutes passed as Mossos waited for a medical vehicle to surround the man. started hitting tourism.

According to the police version, which the witnesses interviewed by this newspaper did not deny, the agents intervened at that moment to avoid harm. They laid him on the floor, put a towel under his head – they asked for it at the Vigo bar – and held him while he waited for the ambulance that still didn’t come. “She screamed at times and moved in spasms,” police sources said. And so more minutes passed.

cardiorespiratory arrest

According to witnesses, after “more than half an hour”, the man detained by the police fell into cardio-respiratory arrest. The Doctor participated in rescue maneuvers to resurrect him. While this maintenance was being done, the first ambulance arrived. And right away, three other SEM tools. The autopsy confirmed that the man did not have a heart attack due to police restraint.

SEM sources announced that the neighbor was transferred to Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, ​​which is in critical condition, and died soon after. The same sources described the incident as “minor” in the first phone call they received at around 20:50 in the evening. And when a warning from the Catalan police between 9:15 p.m. and 9:20 p.m. causes the assessment to become ‘serious’. They stressed that after this change, it took three minutes for the ambulance to assist the man.

Source: Informacion


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