UEPAL calls for a political and business response to protect disadvantaged companies and groups from crisis

Alicante State Labor Union (UEPAL) claimed while celebrating its annual meeting a political and commercial response protecting not only the public and subsidized measures, but the companies and groups most affected by the loss of purchasing power. The commercial establishment aims to “strengthen each of our province’s assets, our commitment to defend among them, Alicante Chamber of Commerce and Alicante Provincial Council”, because it is essential that the business and economic sector can rely on them.

The head of the organization, Juan José Sellés, pointed to future effects in the form of threats to the economy such as inflation, rising interest rates, rising energy costs, international logistics problems, and shrinking demand and increasing fiscal pressure. .

For UEPAL, a climate in which the crisis is under control “It allows companies to be protected and respond to social groups whose purchasing power is declining, and ensuring that no one is left in a state of social vulnerability as the ultimate goal”.

Faced with the current economic situation and the challenges facing the business sector, Sellés calls for “regional cohesion policies that should also express mechanisms between districts and, above all, create spaces for cooperation, cooperation and synergy promoted by regional authorities and the state”. also in favor Further integration of the cities of Elche and Alicante”.

From his point of view, “The commitment to the functional region of Alicante-Elche as a socio-economic engine is an important part of the solution for the development of our province, the balance and harmony of our Community, which recognizes us as a great city, industry and commerce in Spain and the whole of Europe. The first stone of this territorial integrity is will. Second, infrastructures”.

UEPAL, in another turn, claims “cooperation” prior to the Central Government’s decision to cut off the flow of Tajo-Segura transfers to the province of Alicante. Sellés states that the decision of the Ministry of Ecological Transition “is a A clear message against the agriculture model of our provinceto our resources and to the principle of state solidarity”.

The head of the party appealed directly to the political representatives and demanded a “strong response” that guaranteed “a definitive management model that guarantees the rights of our farmers”. We only hear the promises, we only hear the messages, but Tagus’ resources to our province are dwindling year by year, with more difficulties coming and the threats increasing”.

In the same sense, Joaquín Pérez, chairman of CEV Alicante, who was invited to the closing of the Assembly meeting, stated that he called for “devotion” and “raise the necessary demands for joint work by all businessmen”. The province before Valencia, before Madrid or, if necessary, before Brussels”.

According to Sellés, the mobilization organized by Asaja-Alicante among other groups and planned for the next 17 May, loss of competitiveness of the primary sector of the province from Alicante.

“The increase in the ecological flows of Tagus approved by the Hydrographic Confederation of this basin will result in a 105 million Euro cut for irrigation, which means, 27,314 hectares of crops and more than 6,000 job losses In the state of Alicante”, he criticized the president of UEPAL.

Source: Informacion


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