‘Great minds’: prove the difference with humor and empathy

‘wonderful minds’

interpreters Bernard Campan, Alexandre Jollien, Maryline Canto, Laëtitia Eïdo, Tiphaine Daviot, Julie-Ann Roth, La Castou

Year 2021

premiere May 13, 2022


The premise may sound familiar and inevitably refers to ‘The Untouchable’, a sickeningly recurring pattern. But ‘Beautiful Minds’ is not just a beautiful and condescending story about friendship between two men from different fields who finally understand each other. In this case, that friendship is also real, comedian Bernard Campan and philosopher Alexandre Jollien for more than two years. And when we see the movie, vaguely, although we don’t need to know this fact, the love they express slips through the cracks of each of the images.

‘Magnificent Minds’ claims the difference and does it through humor and empathy. Campan plays the man who runs a funeral home and pouts all the time, and Jollien has cerebral palsy and his essence is radiant. A chance meeting will make them travel companions and they will start a ‘road movie’ that includes both adventures and existential reflections from the perspective of Jollien, who will apply the philosophy to the problems of young and old people. In this sense, In a few films references to Socrates, Nietzsche or Spinoza have been clearer and more revealing.

The film touches on prejudices, the perspective of the other, touches on sensitive issues, and does this in a very transparent way, without fraud, without belittling. Your journey is both entertaining and relaxingemphasizes the strengths as well as the weaknesses of the characters to better understand themselves and others.

Source: Informacion


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