American businessman Bill Gates caught coronavirus

American entrepreneur and Microsoft founder Bill Gates reportedly caught coronavirus TASSreferring to the businessman’s Twitter.

“I got a positive test result for COVID-19. “I am experiencing mild symptoms and, on the advice of experts, I have isolated myself until I recover,” he said.

In addition, Gates said that his vaccinations were complete and that he received a booster dose.

According to the entrepreneur, the Gates Foundation he founded will continue to work with partners to protect the world from new pandemics.

Formerly Bill Gates declarationthat it is necessary to create an organization of international experts capable of detecting new pandemics.

Until then, Gates warned about the risk of a “worst” strain of coronavirus.

businessman too saidHow the COVID-19 pandemic could play with existing specialized drug ‘libraries’ to test the effectiveness of existing treatments against new pathogens.

Source: Gazeta


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