Danone proposes laying off its entire workforce and moving production to France

This Management of the French food multinational company danone raised to the workers’ representative of his factory in Salas this Tuesday. a Employment regulation registration (ERE) for layoffs of the entire workforce (79 workers) before year end, for productive reasons.

Production of Salas, AsturiasIt will be undertaken by Danone’s factory in Pays de Bray. (France) will continue to supply the Spanish market.

This The decline in sales of Danonino (fresh cheese mostly consumed by children) and other products made in Salas is the economic and productive reason cited.. The Salas plant has reduced its production over the last ten years from 33,000 tonnes per year then to 11,500 today, of which around 80% is represented by Danonino production. The company and unions have proposed to meet for five weeks (by mid-June next) to come to an agreement. According to the company’s existing internal agreements, the parties may negotiate for up to three months before the company initiates the actual negotiation process of ERE for termination of contracts.

meeting with the principality

The company remains keen to “analyze alternatives” with both workers’ legal representation and local and regional authorities, a multinational source told the newspaper. Company media said yesterday that the first telematics meeting with the Principality took place and there will be another face-to-face meeting in Oviedo this Wednesday. “Based on the basic proposal presented yesterday, we are open to discussing with the Principality, the Mayor of Salas and the trade unions in a cooperative stance. and seeking alternatives that satisfy all parties,” said a Danone spokesperson.

Adrián Pumares, secretary general and spokesman for Foro Asturias in the Principality’s General Assembly, asked the rest of the Parliamentary groups for their support to get the Asturian legislature to approve an institutional declaration supporting Danone’s continuity in the Chambers and Danone. to support the Asturian Government (PSOE) and Salas City Council (led by Foro) in seeking solutions.

This Wednesday, the committee and management will review the documents in which Danone justifies its plan to close the Salas plant.

Source: Informacion


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