They investigate a mysterious attack on a nurse by a hooded man at a hospital in Asturias.

The National Police are investigating a strange incident that occurred at the HUCA Traumatology facility on Tuesday morning. A nurse reported being attacked without a word by a hooded man. approaching him in a room on the fourth floor of the health complex. Although a patrol quickly emerges, the so-called attacker would disappear and the agents try to connect their few ends to find out where he is.

The truth spread like wildfire among HUCA staff and some of the patients and their relatives. “It scared us a little because it was all so weirdbut luckily it was little more than frightening,” explained one health center worker, who took a sigh of relief when she learned that her partner was not in pain. no serious damage.

That yes, many on the hospital campus wondered what could have caused that man to walk into a room and hit a paramedic for no rhyme or reason. “It was, who knows a dissatisfied patient, a family member, or simply insane It crashed there”, commented another member of the hospital staff, who was surprised by the police patrol’s arrival.

Sources from the Principality of Asturias Police Department said the incidents were under investigation, but stressed that the victim of the alleged attack was “by chance”. in perfect condition.

Source: Informacion


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