Prices of fruit and vegetable origins stabilize after high inflation in April

Ljoyful high prices initially reaching fruits and vegetables A month ago, at the gates of Holy Week and with transport mobilizations as the main argument, stabilize.

This is confirmed producers and intermediaries This Tuesday was consulted by this newspaper. The same kilogram of tomatoes that was paid to the farmer for two euros in April currently costs almost half. As they add, the offer is now much broader across markets.

“The reopening of the maritime borders with Morocco makes it possible to restart the marketing of fruits and vegetables from the neighboring country. But all transportation problems have also been resolved, the armed conflict did not cause any difficulties in the resumption of activity in countries such as Germany “, which supplies the main supermarket chains in Malaga voiced the spokespersons of one of the marketers.

The intermediaries themselves and some villagers from the Axarqui coast similarly expressed their views. Concern about the collapse in avocado prices at the end of the harvest. Although the harvest is now limited to certain late varieties, the campaign was generally characterized by lower prices than in previous seasons.

A) Yes up to 3 euros per kilo a year ago, these days it has dropped to less than one euro. Regarding this fruit, the situation is aggravated by the stubborn. earphonesdetermines the number of daily waterings required by this subtropical tree. On the horizon, as spokespersons for the Asaja Malaga union point out, it is not excluded that some farmers may choose to plant mangoes where they have been cultivating large stretches of mangoes for years. Avocado.

One of the advantages of mangoes in a region without water resources like La Axarquia is its high capacity to withstand periods of drought. Likewise, the yield in kilograms per tree is much higher. And an additional factor for opting for mango growing is that it takes fewer years for trees to start producing significant fruit when planted.

As for the rest of the fruits and vegetables, Farmers emphasize that as a result of the exponential increase in expenses in the last year, the current price of a kilogram of tomato limits the income obtained from 70 kuruş. The war stifled the growth of weeds by triggering prices for petroleum derivatives, including plastics used in greenhouses and covering the soil.

“Another setback for farms that continue to be overwhelmed by unprecedented production costs. “Sadly, the prices of subtropical fruits such as avocados are not accompanied by historical lows,” says the Asaja syndicate technicians. mandatory suspension of elections”

Source: Informacion


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