Scientists have found a way to effortlessly improve memory 26 May 2023 23:30

Researchers from Boston University have found that non-invasive brain stimulation with alternating electrical current can improve cognitive function in healthy people. It has been reported Speech.

Researchers have performed the largest and most comprehensive meta-analysis on transcranial AC electrical stimulation. They analyzed data from more than 100 published studies involving nearly 2,800 people. During this procedure, people wear an elastic cap with built-in electrodes that transmit weak electrical currents to the scalp that oscillate at a certain frequency. By applying these controlled currents to specific areas of the brain, brain activity can be altered.

Research shows that brain cells communicate effectively when they coordinate the rhythm of their work – the procedure aims to change the rhythm. Rhythm disturbances can lead to the development of neuropsychiatric diseases. By comparing more than 300 measures of mental function across all studies, the researchers found consistent and rapid improvements in mental function in those treated. The most notable improvement in procedure was in executive function – the ability to adapt in the face of new, unexpected or contradictory information.

Transcranial AC treatment has also been associated with improved ability to concentrate and remember information for both short and long periods.

A particular procedure that can affect two areas of the brain at the same time can improve or weaken cognitive function. This property may be useful in the treatment of depression and bipolar disorder because depression is associated with decreased activity in the reward region of the brain, and bipolar disorder may be accompanied by hyperactivity in this region.

Source: Gazeta


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