Pablo Motos humorously responds to jokes about his height: ‘I’ve been memed’

last saturday, Paul Motorcycles became the unexpected hero Mutua Madrid Open. Like many other celebrities, the presenteranthill went to enjoy the game between carlos alcaraz Y Novak Djokovic. It was an issue that was on the agenda because of the beautiful scene he left because of his height, which he did not expect many eyes on him.

Although Motos is in a privileged area, many viewers noted the difficulties they might encounter while following the game because of the geraniums in front of me. Far from being offended by jokes, Antena 3’s face took it with humor. “I’ve become meme meat”‘ she agreed with a laugh on last night’s episode of El hormiguero.

“The funny thing is that people don’t know you’re standing,” El Monaguillo joked, while his other collaborators continued to make all kinds of jokes about his height. The confession the host was about to make was something no one expected: “I’m going to tell you something and don’t let anyone get angry. If you see the geranium in front of me… I folded it so you can see something”.

“All the games went to Sardinia,” Motos complained, realizing that the scene gave a lot to talk about on social networks. Actually, He didn’t hesitate to review some of the most original memes circulating on Twitter..

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