Russia bombed a hospital in Dnipro, killing at least two

Russia He started On the night from Thursday to Friday, a massive attack by kamikaze drones and missiles on Dnipro, a population of about one million on the banks of the river of the same name, and which until now has remained relatively sheltered from bombardments. A large number of shells and aircraft were neutralized by the Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense, but one of them hit a clinic, killing two and injuring about thirty.

“Another Russian missile attack, another crime against humanity,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky tweeted. The President stated that they were also harmed. a psychological clinic and another veterinarian. “Only an evil state can attack hospitals; it cannot have a military purpose; this is pure Russian terror,” the Ukrainian president denounced. According to official sources, the deceased is an elderly man passing the scene. moment of impactand another man whose body was recovered from the rubble.

Dozens of injured

“There are currently thirty injured, two of whom are children; we have no contact with the three people who might be there (inside the building),” the governor said. Serhiy Lyssak. Night bombings also affected the capital, Kiev, but this time with cruise missiles launched by Tupolev Tu-95 strategic bombers deployed over the Caspian Sea. “According to preliminary information, all targets in the sky of Kiev were detected and destroyed,” the capital’s mayor said. In total, according mayor state There have been 55 Russian attacks on targets in Ukraine in the past few hours, including a dam in the Donetsk region. a big risk It is implied that it will cause flooding. Moscow once again refused to open fire on civilian targets and declared that “all” targets had been hit, while insisting that its attacks were aimed at “ammunition depots”.

All this happens while Belgorod region of RussiaThe border with Ukraine has been transformed into a full-fledged battlefield as it has been permanently subjected to Ukrainian bombings, after experiencing the first armed attack led by pro-Kremlin Russian volunteers from the neighboring country in recent days. As far as anti-Kremlin militias came from the neighboring country, the town of Kozinka was hit by dozens of shells, mostly causing property damage. In towns tens of kilometers from the border, such as Belgorod and even Krasnodar, drones have caused significant property damage. In the first town, a bomb caused significant damage to a building. administration building, including glass breakage in the windows.

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