Alicante Lawyers also stand up to demand improvement in the profession

Forensic lawyers, judges, prosecutors, civil servants and now lawyers. around 150 members Alicante Bar Association (ICALI ) They met this Friday at the Plaza del Palacio de Justicia to denounce the serious situation the profession is enduring and to demand improvements in the Administration of Justice and the profession. under the slogan “The Legal Profession stands up: for a functioning Justice”, Lawyers gathered in Alicante used the following statements during the protests: “It’s enough already!” and “We are lawyers, not slaves!”

Dean of the Alicante Bar, Fernando CandelaHe complained minutes before he focused on the situation that lawyers had to endure due to repeated strikes and “the treatment of the profession by the public authorities”. Although they did not deny any group’s right to smell, the Dean pointed out that “professionals defending the citizens suffered the most” with the recent strikes of different groups in Adalet.

ICALI dean addresses lawyers concentrated in Alicante. AXEL ALVAREZ

According to Candela, “It is difficult for the Legal Profession to obtain the rights that others have and we will not tolerate that.” In this sense, they claim rights. professional and family reconciliation and digital disconnection.

Alicante Lawyers community demands deal for justice To put an end to the “chaotic situation” of an administration that is “insensitive and indifferent to the respect citizens and professionals deserve, putting the present and future of the profession at risk”.

trade shift

Although the scales of ex officio shift have been developed recently and Advocates value the changes approved by Generalitat, they still argue. changes in conditions this legal service, so that performance pay The road toll is paid, which is not considered nowadays, and the bureaucratic burden is reduced.

Likewise, lawyers demand that a defense of proximity be guaranteed, especially when it comes to victims of gender-based violence in every judicial circle.

Concentration of the Legal Profession in Alicante. AXEL ALVAREZ

ICALI does not favor the implementation of: regional courts for gender-based violence. “Citizen’s advocacy diverges, forcing victims to go to a gender violence court away from their municipality”.

The meeting ended with a minute’s silence in memory of the martyrs. Attorney Denis Martínez Gil of Sax, who died suddenly

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