15 years in prison for raping and detaining a woman for hours at a booth in Valencia

Fifteen years in prison for keeping a friend in the cabin through beating and threats Picassen (Valencia) and rape her over and over for two and a half hours. This is the sentence handed down by the Valencia County Court First Division to a man who was surprised when a couple dragged his victim along the road after he tried to escape in a car on the afternoon of September 30, 2020. , as Levante-EMV only reported on the day. The Chamber imposes a sentence of thirteen and a half years in prison for the crime of illegal detention in accordance with the law. water seller sexual assault aggravated, given the “brutality and brutality” with whom he was acting and “The notorious excess of violence and suffering“This woman caused it. And another year and a half for injury guilt.

However, the sentence does not consider it as an ongoing sexual assault crime Despite holding her in her arms for two and a half hours, he forced her sexually several times, both vaginally and anal, considering “unity of action” in the same violent or frightening situation. Nor does she appreciate the gender aggravating situation demanded by the prosecution and private prosecution, since the events that occurred, although clear, would imply double guilt. act of domination male chauvinist.

Alfonso Izquierdo and his victim, a 57-year-old woman with whom he had a friendly relationship, went to his cabin in Camino del Realón de Picasset at 18:15 on 30 September 2020, after the agreement. Carlet is at the bar. As evidenced, the accused asked his roommate once to go alone. locked the door to prevent any possibility of escape.

“To satisfy his lustful desire” and after the woman refused to have any sexual intercourse with him, when the victim tried to leave the house, he forcibly grabbed her and threw her to the ground. “To undermine his physical integrity, blows to the face and head, punchesuntil he violently ripped his pants and shirt”. All this despite the woman’s plea to stop her efforts.

Punishment does not appreciate gender aggravation or continuing crime despite multiple sexual assaults

During the trial, the victimaccurate and detailed accountAs stated in the decision and quoted by this newspaper, it is because of what happened. With regard to his remarks that the “multiple and repeated” penetrations to which he was subjected occurred over the course of four or five hours, the Chamber understands that he is “albeit”. Perception that the victim did not fit the reality of what had happened, they arrived at 6:30 pm and were helped by the couple who found themselves on the road at 9:00 pm, “it makes sense for the victim to be the victim. Considering the pain and nature of the experience endured, it is reasonable to has the perception that it has a much longer duration”.

A devastating forensic report

Likewise, he does not appear to have a false spirit, and the witnesses, especially the couple who surprised the accused as they took him back to the cabinet, are the corroboration of the victim’s statement. Besides the traces and forensic report found in the cabin where he was detained by the Civil Guards, confirms injuries both in the genital area and in other parts of the body for the blows

The defense of the accused, who refused even to answer his lawyer’s questions at the hearing, requested acquittal as an alternative. will implement drunkenness reduction. The specific accusation made by prosecutor and lawyer Isabel Vázquez opposed it. While the victim himself admitted to drinking beer, the Chamber considered it insufficient to conclude that it had somehow affected the accused’s abilities and that his defense did not present any evidence to prove that he was drunk while committing the acts.

In addition to fifteen years in prison for unlawful arrest, aggravated sexual assault and injury, the Provincial Court imposes ten years probation and is prohibited from approaching or communicating with the victim in any way for 19 years. In terms of legal liability should pay the woman 34,900 euros in compensation for consequences and for psychological and moral harm.

Source: Informacion


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