A year after the last conflict, Jews and Palestinians are divided in Israel

Some called him Unity Intifada. it’s been a few days May. All the cities in Israel were burned by the conflicts between them. Jewish and Palestinian citizens. At the same time, this was combined with anger. great demonstrations of solidarity On behalf of Israeli citizenship of Gaza and Jerusalem and Palestinian origin. Both surprised officials. Seems like coexistence was broken. And somehow the same cry was heard against the violence against the Palestinian people from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

“What happened last year was an unprecedented low point in relations between Jews and Arabs in Israel,” says the political analyst. dahlia. burnt cars, unholy synagogues, marked Palestinian houses, gangs in mixed places. Violence has even claimed some lives. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu later said:state of emergency“The last time Israeli authorities exercised their emergency powers over a Palestinian community, 1966. “Most people were surprised, but there was plenty of precedent for this to happen,” adds Scheindlin.

“Printing Years”

decades neglect and institutional oblivion Israeli citizenship of Palestinian origin translated into nights of agony and accusations between the two. 21% of the population and their Jewish neighbors. “This is the result of rulers in Israel who have inflicted years of oppression, poverty and violence on Palestinians,” the young woman said. sam falastene, protected by an alias for security. He says that a year later, the situation has not changed that much. “Due to the many random attacks of Palestinians on civilians, some tension and fear in the country,” says this Palestinian from Israel.

After these violent gangs between Jews and Palestinians, a police campaign against the Arab minority. But in turn, just a few weeks later, First Israeli ruler with an Arab party in. “Many people saw it as a breakthrough, but we were coming out of trauma; we wanted to get back to more functional relationships,” says Scheindlin. Palestinians are one of these traumas. renewed sense of national consciousnessdoubts grew. “Overall, relations between Jews and Arabs continue as before May 2021,” he explains. Arik Rudnitzky.

Mutual distrust and fears

“Apparently, both Arabs and Jews have a greater sense of distrust and mutual fear of the possibility of these events happening again,” adds this researcher. Israel Democracy Institute. “For many in the Jewish public, the image of Arab Israelis has been tarnished and question their loyalty “To the state,” analyzes Rudnitzky. The latest events are not helping either. During the month of Ramadan, conflicts At the Temple Mount in Jerusalem between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli agents.

In contrast, there has been an increase in attacks by Palestinians from the occupied territories and Palestinians from Israel in recent weeks. At least 18 people They lost their lives in these attacks. Meanwhile, the issues concerning this population group are still not being seriously addressed. Dozens of Palestinians died last year. wave of violence between criminal gangs. “The economy and abandonment are the main causes of the crisis. guiltbecause the state primarily served its Jewish citizens,” Scheindlin denounced.

“Palestinians in Israel see this increase in crime as a failure of the police and authorities“, adds this Israeli political analyst. There is also a significant break in the political spectrum of this population group that is keeping them from acting for the common good of the people. No political agenda For the Palestinians of Israel. “The Israeli Arab people criticize both sides that represent them,” Rudnitzky explains. “Specific silence about his political practice because they are at war with each other and cannot find common political ground,” he adds.

The role of civil society

For its part, civil society has worked for it. change partitions among the citizens of Israel that he brought to light last May. “He played an important role in trying to contain tensions by creating platforms that brought Jews and Arabs together but didn’t have to agree,” says Rudnitzky. But these are small dialogue hold-ups cannot compensate inaction of the authorities. In addition to its indifference, a the most violent and racist speech in recent years.

The presence of hatred and discrimination in the mouths of political representatives paved the way for sharia explanations. ‘Death to Arabs’ It is heard more and more on the streets. This Demonization of Palestinian neighbors add more pressure to finish breaking that tolerance. “There is no other outbreak of violence this year, solid infrastructure To preserve coexistence between Jews and Palestinians in Israel, however, we must not ignore hidden problems. socioeconomic status”Schendlin finishes.

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