Palma clans take cues from anti-drug operations

This neighborhood clans Palma Son Banya was detained at the end of March. major operation Civil Guard received hints of upcoming drug busts to avoid arrest. researchers iThey blocked phone calls in which the defendants raised the alarm about these operationsas specified in Operation Origin transactions to which it has access Majorca newspaper. Investigations point to a prominent police informant as the organization’s leader. This defendant is the son-in-law of La Paca’s brother ‘El Moreno’. In this case, both historical traders of Son Banya town were investigated.

Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Team (EDOA) Civil Guard The investigation began in March 2021. The agents found that: confidant, 38 years old and with multiple theft, fraud and drug trafficking records, He became part of the ‘El Moreno’ clan by marrying one of his daughters. The deteriorating health of the patriarch and his wife’s imprisonment caused him to take over the business with his brother-in-law.

One of the leaders and a collaborator at one in the morning on October 6 They commented on the phone that there would be a raid. “Everyone’s going out, they say it’s going to rain again tomorrow. What a nice dude”they said, first they said that all sales points were closed. Just a few hours later, the National Police conducted Operation against drug trafficking in Son Gotleu, this resulted in eleven detainees. This and other evidence gathered over the months causes the Civil Guard to stand out in its report.The influence that the investigated criminal organization has in the field of public officials, because they will have privileged information to warn them so that no component of the police’s actions are surprised.” EDOA and the trial court are keeping investigations open to identify the authors of these leaks and have already gathered some evidence.

Civil Guard agents confirmed the clan controlled several very active drug outlets in Son Banya, there were half a dozen people working on them in shifts. They used a farm near the town as a warehouse to store the drugs they bought, and from there they sourced other groups of traffickers.

The group had three ways to source marijuana and cocaine. One of them was through a Moroccan with significant connections both at home and abroad. Mallorca, Catalonia, Belgium and the Netherlands. This man had his own network in Tarragona and with the son of ‘El Moreno’, planned to bring a large cache to the island via a narcotic bot, but did not do so. Another of his suppliers was a trafficker who used v.Double-bottom vehicles for shipping cocaine to Mallorca. Finally, a car wash acted as a bodyguard for another of those accused of supplying drugs to the clan. EDOA spent months of surveillance and wiretapping to document all these connections.

‘Operation Origin’, one of the largest anti-drug investigations conducted in the Balearic Islands in recent years, resulted in the arrest of thirty people in various locations in Mallorca and Tarragona on 31 March.. Among them, his confidant, brother-in-law and La Paca in temporary prison since that time.

Source: Informacion


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