The alleged jihadist from Algeciras “seriously affected” their faculty when he attacked the sacristan

Two coroners surrendered a report national audience They point out that it was the person under investigation for the murder of a priest in the attack on January 25 in Algeciras (Cádiz). He may suffer from a “probable schizophrenic connection” disorder that will affect his faculties.

This is the second report received by the judge investigating this attack on two local churches as a jihadist-type attack. which left many wounded, including a priest. According to the news of the newspaper El Independiente, legal sources confirmed this document to EFE by two forensic doctors from the Seville prison psychiatric hospital, where by order of judge Joaquín Gadea, young Moroccan Yassine Kanjaa was investigated for these events.

Forensics, after examining the person under investigation, conclude in their report at the beginning of the month that Kanjaa may have suffered from a psychotic state, and that this happened at the time of the events. presented an acute psychotic decompensation with significant emotional and behavioral involvement, according to sources

According to psychiatrists this it will affect their “intellectual and willful faculties” “very severely”, add resources.

For Kanjaa’s defence, the conclusion that this should be taken into account in order to assess his imputability, which would strengthen the thesis that it was not an act of terrorism and even when opening the door for the defendant in his case. According to the sources consulted, he is already on trial for a possible exemption from criminal liability.

Openly The judge is waiting to receive another forensic report prepared at the request of the defense.this will already be the third party to act on the case.

It also has to decide whether to organize the room requested by the prosecutor’s office, which was brought by the family of sacristan, who lost his life in the attack, and requested that it be prepared by other forensic experts.

The first interim report, prepared by two forensic experts from the National Court, was submitted last March and a possible delusional disorderwhile strongly recommending that the questioned person be admitted to a psychiatric unit affiliated to the Penitentiary Institutions.

Againdoctors then stressed the tentative nature of this report and the need to continue evaluating Kanjaa.

According to the sources examined, this last report submitted on the casemore precise, will complete the above.

Source: Informacion


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