Bongbong Marcos swept Philippine elections

Bongbong Marcos, son of dictator Ferdinand Marcos, scored a historic and smashing victory in Monday’s presidential election. The Philippines counted more than 96 percent of the votes, according to the provisional count. Marcos, 64, garnered more than 30.5 million votes, according to the Electoral Commission’s quick and unofficial count, more than double his closest rival, Leni Robredo, by 14.5 million. If these figures are confirmed, it would mean the return of the Marcos family to power and the first absolute majority victory since the patriarch was ousted in 1986 after a peaceful popular revolution that ended the despotic and corrupt regime.

“If elected, I hope they won’t tire of helping. Don’t let their confidence be shaken as we have a lot of work to do for our future,” Bongbong Marcos said in a thank you speech on his official Facebook profile last night. Despite their disgrace, the Marcoses returned from exile in the 1990s following the dictator’s death in Hawaii. gradually regained their political power from his principality in Ilocos del Norte, at the northern tip of the country.

Bongbong Marcos, supported by a campaign He did not offer a specific political program, campaigning with a misinformed, ambiguous message to try to rewrite the history of the Patriarch’s legacy, whose regime was accused of looting nearly $10,000 million from the public treasury and whose regime led to the execution of at least 3,257 people and the torture of thousands. National Union.

Robredo, the only female candidate to beat Bongbong Marcos for the vice presidency in 2016, asked her followers for “patience” in her speech after election day and avoided admitting defeat. “I know it’s not easy to accept the numbers that come up in the fast-counting,” the 57-year-old candidate said. condemning “improperties” during voting.

The current president’s daughter, Sara Duterte-Carpio, who made a dual election with Marcos in the vice presidential elections held the previous day, has a great advantage with more than 31 million votes and triple the number of votes. According to the provisional count, his closest follower is Kiko Pangilinan with 9.1 million votes.

The next president, who will replace current president Rodrigo Duterte, will be sworn in on 30 June for a single 6-year term.

Source: Informacion


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