New cybersecurity against increasing threats through remote work

Any human activity involves risk. Economic activity, too, because there is always someone willing to do anything to protect what they did not create and does not belong to them. Digital technology opens up new ways to create wealth, but also new ways to commit crime. Cyber ​​security is therefore important. A significance for the economic system that costs $6 trillion, but will reach $11 trillion in 2025, almost eight times Spain’s GDP.

Xabier Mitxelena is the Iberia Security Lead at Accenture. He warns that responding to the challenge of cybercrime involves, among other things, a change in mindset. We should abandon the idea of ​​creating goods and services and then protect them with computer security tools and think about safe goods from the start. He also draws attention to the importance of considering the ecosystem in which the company operates; not only the organization itself, but also its suppliers and customers. And pay special attention to the human element, which is the most vulnerable element. Mitxelena notes that while larger companies have embraced these values, large but not at the top companies still have a long way to go.


Iberia Security Leader at Accenture

Industrial Engineer Xabier Mitxelena from the University of Navarra earned an MBA from the University of Deusto. Mitxelena has worked in the business world for the last few years in the areas of quality control, sales and finally security, to which she has devoted herself. More recently at S21sec and Accenture, where he is the founder and CEO.

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