They accompany us unconditionally and without judgment. to be better. This dog He is known as man’s best friend for many reasons. His family and herding nature mean that anyone with a dog in their care knows the meaning of the words friendship and loyalty. The video accompanying this article is a good example: go to the owner’s funeral to say goodbye It has gone viral on the networks in recent days.


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The Heraldo de México newspaper published the images it recorded in the American country, spread like wildfire on the internet and in the world media, and guided its users, on its YouTube account. TikTok, excitement and the same video platform shares its experiences with the furry four-legged ones.

Name of the main dog in this video Zeus and this is a Pitbull Ciudad de Juárez (North of Mexico). According to the country’s media, it was the relatives of those who wanted the deceased to have the opportunity to say goodbye to his faithful friend before the funeral.

This was the dog’s condition. Zeus, a pit bull from Ciudad Juárez, northern Mexico, that experienced the death of its owner. As reports, relatives requested that the animal be present at the woman’s funeral so they could say goodbye to her. “There’s grandma, have you seen her?”As Zeus watches on his hind legs, he sings of one of his grandchildren. leaning on its owner’s coffin, at one last careful glance at which a final farewell can be read. The careful and respectful behavior of the dog, who seemed to know exactly what was going on, broke the hearts of many.

The video that the user shared on TikTok Herrera Nalleli, has millions of reproductions in a few days. A “Hachiko” for the Mexican, fortunately for him Zeus was able to say goodbye.