The Duma responded to Medinsky, who suggested praying in schools

State Duma Deputy Berulava Rejected Presidential Assistant Medinsky’s Idea of ​​Praying in Schools

Russian Presidential Assistant Vladimir Medinsky’s suggestion to pray in schools is an unnecessary extreme. This was stated by the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education Mikhail Berulava, his words are quoted by the publication “Rise”.

In his opinion, it is necessary to restore and not destroy all the best in the Soviet school. “We didn’t pray, but we were patriots of our country. School teachers raised us like this from the first grade, ”Berulava replied to Medinsky’s idea.

The deputy stressed that more attention should be paid to the training of teachers so that they “give their best and train dedicated people”.

Earlier, Medinsky suggested teaching Russian schoolchildren about patriotism, following the example of the United States, where classes begin with the chanting of the country and its state symbols. He emphasized that for 150 years in all schools in the United States, the school day begins with a prayer for America. Medinsky’s idea was unanimously supported by the members of the Interdepartmental Commission on Historical Education.

On March 22, Senator of the Federation Council Ekaterina Altabayeva proposed to rewrite textbooks, taking into account current events. In her opinion, it is necessary to write in more detail about the history and culture of the territories inhabited by Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians.

Source: Lenta


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