The Russians mentioned the cost of long foreign trips

ATOR reported that a 21-day tour to Montenegro will cost the Russians 51.9 thousand rubles

The Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) quoted domestic tourists as the cost of long-term overseas travel for a period of 21 nights or more. Information about this appeared on the website of the organization.

“Now we have tours with long-term accommodation up to 20 percent of current bookings from both foreign tours and travel in Russia. They book full tour packages as well as individual ground services,” said Anna Filatovskaya, advertising and PR director of the Russian Express tour operator. According to her, the main category of the population who receive “long tours” are families with children, “remote workers” and citizens who just want to change the situation temporarily.

Thus, the participants in the tourist market offer the most attractive trips in terms of price to Montenegro, where accommodation costs on average 51.9 thousand rubles per person. You can go to Turkey for 89.9 thousand rubles, to Armenia – from 92 thousand, to Serbia – from 95 thousand.

Long trips to Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka cost more. The cost of travel to Asian countries varies between 106.1-109.9 thousand rubles, depending on the direction.

According to the press service of the Russian Express company, the highest travel costs are observed in Croatia, the United Arab Emirates and the Maldives, where the price of vouchers starts at 132, 280 and 494.8 thousand rubles, respectively.

Earlier, the cost of airline tickets to open foreign destinations was disclosed to Russians. So, the cheapest in March is to go on vacation to Abkhazia – the cost of a flight to Adler starts from 5000 rubles. You can also buy cheap tickets to Belarus (15 thousand rubles), Armenia (43.3 thousand rubles), Kyrgyzstan (45 thousand rubles), Turkey (50 thousand rubles) and Georgia (70 thousand rubles).

Source: Lenta


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