The first launch of the Rokot-M rocket is scheduled for 2024

General Director of the Center MV Khrunichev Alexei Varochko said that the first launch of the Rokot-M launch vehicle from the Plesetsk cosmodrome is scheduled for 2024. This has been reported TASS.

In the summer, Varochko reported that the Rokot-M with a Russian control system could be launched for the first time in 2022, but after a detailed inspection of the equipment, the experts came to the conclusion that it is necessary to order the equipment already made. it had been in operation for a long time and had already exhausted its resources.

“Among other things, we must eliminate the problems with the ground equipment, … a number of decisions were made about the control system: not to use the existing control system, which is largely outdated, to apply the most modern. this is a modernized complex,” Varochko said.

In March, Central MV Khrunichev completed the preliminary design of the Rokot-M launch vehicle.

The first launch of the Rokot launch vehicle took place on May 16, 2000. It was used to launch commercial satellites. Last March, the Department of Defense denied plans to launch commercial satellites using the Rokota-M.

Formerly Varochko said It has announced that assembly of the first flight model of the oxygen-hydrogen upper stage (KVTK) for the Angara launch vehicle will begin in 2025.

Source: Gazeta


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