Buy a sack of potatoes in Valencia and find a Civil War grenade in it

Big surprise. Today, a resident of the 613 Residences neighborhood in Burjassot (Valencia) experienced the fear of his life today. find a grenade, probably Civil war of Spanish potatoes I just bought in a grocery store near his house. After 13:30 today, the woman came home and started placing potatoes on the top tray of a grocery store in her kitchen. At that moment, she realized that something was up between the tubers, even though it looked rotten at first glance. it wasn’t a vegetable.

woman, then i hadn’t thought of that yet potential danger able to cover came to catch him to see what it’s about. It was then that he realized that a metallic object Y Very heavy Because of its size, he began to suspect it might be explosive. Apparently, the woman even shared photos in a WhatsApp group with residents of the neighborhood in question.

When you start to doubt it could be a grenadewoman alerted 112, who initiated the usual protocol when it discovered potentially explosive devices. The first to arrive were Burjassot Local Police agents, who for this they warned the National Police about the events, confirming that it was a metallic object filled with earth and in the appearance of an old smooth grenade. demanded instant availability Tedax bomb squad.

While waiting for the experts to arrive, the agents made their decision. pre-evacuation both living space where there is an artifact that does not have insurance but protects the charge, available immediately again and againAs well as those that share the same landing to minimize damage in case the grenade goes off.

Having a lighter next to the pomegranate placed between the potatoes gives an idea about its size. Upgrade-EMV

never manipulate

The great danger of ancient explosive devices, such as Civil War bullets and grenades, that occasionally show up both in city center buildings and in the mountains, is precisely because many of them hold the explosive charge as time goes on. and exposure to the elements, wildly unbalancedso the slightest manipulation can cause an explosion.

Tedax experts arrived after 4 pm and after examining the object, they decided it was an object. French-made grenade used during the Spanish Civil Warso they picked it up and took it away to detonate it in a safe environment.

From there, after the setback was resolved, the neighbors were able to return home safely.

In principle, everything indicates that the grenade is covered with rust and dirt. comes from what is now crop field and the gatherers gathered it with the potatoes, neither without them nor without the operators and intermediaries of the commercial chain through which the harvest passed, realizing the true nature of that ‘tube’.

Source: Informacion


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