A physical education teacher has been arrested in Murcia for sexually assaulting a dozen female students.

Judicial Police of the Civil Guard, teacher arrested from an institute (Murcia) accused sexual assault a dozen studentsreports the sources close to the incident and confirms the Armed Institute and the Ministry of National Education. They confirmed from Benemérita that the arrest took place this Monday, while from the department headed by Víctor Marín “Education Inspectorate started the relevant actions”.

Things were going to happen somewhere. secondary education institute It is located in the urban area of ​​the city.

In a week’s investigation, the number of minors claiming to have been touched has doubled

This Research It started last week police guardian of Totana qWho raised the alarm after learning that the teacher who taught the subject touched several students? Physical education.

Importance of guardian representative

protective agents, going to centers to give speeches to students about bullying, absenteeism, drugs, gender-based violence, social networks or personal relationships. His job is to take care of students.try to enter their world and warn them of the hypothetical dangers that await them.

In this case, some of the victims trusted by the guardian agent, a member of the Totana Local Police, told what had happened. According to sources close to the event, young people told about their experiences. inappropriate touching by this teacher during class. These behaviors were to occur this school year.

The teacher denies the facts and says that if it touched the students, it was in the context of giving gymnastics lessons.

Given the seriousness of the matter, the guard police informed the Civil Guard, the body authorized to deploy a security guard. investigation to clarify what it is.

Since the suspect was fully identified, investigators could arrest him to take his statement. However, it was decided to search the victims first so that they could explain what happened in more detail. Investigations took a week, and the number of adolescents claiming to have been sexually assaulted by the same teacher doubled..

IES Education informs

Once Benemérita had gathered enough evidence, she moved to arrest the suspect, a Spanish national. Shortly after his arrest, The Institute informed the Ministry of National Education..

Professor on trial for various crimes, sexual assault without penetration (before the end law reform, sexual abuse) spent the first night in the Armed Institute building. He will be brought to justice in prison Night Court from Totana.

If the alleged attacker denies the facts and touches the students, Within the framework of physical education lesson teaching and not with sexual connotations.

The ministry is investigating

From the District Department of Education this Monday the department’s ” waiting for performances of the Civil Guard”.

“Consultancy There are no complaints or complaints from the center or the education community.they provided.

The Institute administration brought the situation to the attention of the Ministry. It took place this Monday following the suspect’s arrest.

“Education Inspectorship started” related actions”they reiterate to point out that an investigation has been opened from the department, “which is the protocol followed in these cases.”

When asked whether the professor suspected of sexual assaults would stay or leave as a precautionary measure, the Ministry said: “It will be done as indicated by the authorities conducting the investigation”.

Source: Informacion


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