The Union of Journalists spoke about the criminal case against Nevzorov

The head of the UJR Solovyov said that he does not consider Alexander Nevzorov a journalist

President of the Union of Journalists of Russia (UJR) Vladimir Solovyov commented on the criminal case against journalist Alexander Nevzorov. His words are conveyed by “Kommersant”.

According to Solovyov, he followed Nevzorov’s activities with interest while working on the 600 Seconds program, and also studied “live journalism” with him. “But what Nevzorov is now – with his book The Art of Insulting – is already beyond good and evil. It can hardly be called journalism and a real assessment of what is happening,” he said.

In addition, the head of the UJR says that the organization monitors every case of violation of media rights. “We try to help real journalists, but I wouldn’t call Nevzorov a journalist,” Solovyov said.

The fact that Russia’s Commission of Inquiry opened a case against Nevzorov for spreading counterfeits about the Russian military became known on March 22. The reason for this was his publications on the course of the special operation in social networks. It was noted that the materials were accompanied by unreliable photos.

On March 4, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law criminalizing the dissemination of intentionally false information about the country’s armed forces. The maximum penalty for fake news is up to 15 years in prison.

Source: Lenta


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