american photographer Rum Gallellapioneer of the phenomenonpaparazzi‘ sixties and author of some of the best known snapshots Jackie Onassis as Elizabeth Taylor Mick Jagger or Sophia LorenHe died at the age of 91 from heart failure.

As US media reported today, Galella (New York, 1931) died on Saturday at her home in Montville, New Jersey (United States) of a heart condition. A death that left a void in celebrity photography.

Galella, Jackie Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Mick Jagger, Sofia Loren or Marlon Brando, who hit him with his “right hand” and broke his lower jaw after a chase in New York’s Chinatown neighborhood in June 1973. In 2011, when PhotoEspaña dedicated a retrospective to him, he broke six of his teeth, as he admitted to Efe.

This event soon gave rise to a legendary photo of Marlon Brando in which he repeatedly appeared with a baseball player’s helmet, Ron Galella.

For moments like this and the way it works in general, Galella admitted that she could be considered an “aggressive paparazzi.”After “stealing” celebrities’ unwanted photos “but I already had her picture when they found out,” she sneaked into parties and faked invitations to attend events.

Also on the list of celebrities Grace Kelly, Robert Redford or Warren Beatty, With whom he managed to establish a friendly relationship.

Regarding the supposedly “stolen” photos, one of her favorite photos for Galella was the one in which she managed to capture Jackie Onassis from the back window of a Madison Avenue taxi. This was because he thought the paparazzi style had three essential qualities: improvisation, catching the depicted, and spontaneity.

Among the Spaniards pictured by this photographer are Penélope Cruz in New York in June 2002, or Julio Iglesias, again in the city of skyscrapers but on the occasion of Valentine’s Day in 1982.