Jessica Goicoechea admitted to Broncano how much time she spends on Instagram in a day

Jessica Goicoechea opened the week in ‘La Resistencia’. The influencer and model went with a good disposition to the venue, where she gave a bikini from David Broncano’s latest collection, which she ‘tried on’ her pants.

The Instagram user recognized some of the things that the presenter said about him, for example: because of her height, she couldn’t dedicate herself to being a model in time. He believes that although he acknowledges that fashion has changed and all kinds of bodies are represented, he has not changed much in height:Right, I couldn’t because one of the requirements is to measure, I have to walk with at least 1.75 and 1.66.” he reminded.

Again, thanks to Instagram devoted himself to this profession. As a result, Broncano wanted him to know how much time he spent on the social network in a day. He agreed to let the presenter see the stats and finally showed the public this. you cannot spend less or more than 7 to 8 hours a day Wax: “This is my work tool”, he apologized. Also, just yesterday 34 minutes: “It was my only day off and I was cut off from everything.”

To finish, the comedian also wanted to know what happened. “most famous celebrity” who keeps his number on his contact list mobile phone. He only dared to say his initial: “C”. It was then that the public began to say that it was “Cristiano”.

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