Technology company Choco is structured in Spain, where it plans to double the number of customers and staff this year.

Choco has completed his landing in Spain. This German platform, which manages the relationship between suppliers and restaurants, has just closed a 102 million Euro financing round that puts the company’s value at 1,120 million Euros. after all on $1,000 million turning a tech company into a ‘unicorn’. Most of the money will be used to consolidate activity in the State, which, as EL PERIÓDICO has learned, is already a market with maximum responsibility.

The company took over the business in Spain Oriol ReulToo Good To Go, former managing director of southern Europe, the initiative against food waste. At the same time, this manager he works with Nestle from a consulting position in KPMGabove all it has the task of expanding the company across the region.

“A restaurant in Spain can have up to 40 suppliers,” Reull introduces. “This means that the business will not only place all orders in terms of data, but also in terms of data. each supplier has its own dynamics: There are those who accept orders only until a certain day of the week, there are those who only accept via Whatsapp…” he explains.

Choco is a platform that allows the business to concentrate all orders and reach the buyer by the method they usually use: by SMS, by text message, by e-mail, by e-mail. And Spain, a country with a much higher-than-normal supplier ratio in Europe or the United States, Seems like an important market to them.

growth plans

company that already has several offices distributed in markets such as United States of America, Germany, France, Austria anyone Belgiumarrived in Spain a little over a year ago, but sees 2022 as the year of consolidation. The goal is to double the number of restaurants working with them (about 2,000, assistant, fissmus anyone kibuka) Multiply their turnover by four for the month of December (a figure they didn’t disclose) and hire about 40 people to arrive at a workforce of around 80.

“It’s true we already have a volume, we’re not starting from scratch, but there’s a lot to do,” says Reull. “We are only in Madrid and Barcelona and The idea is to open more cities this year”The manager admits that the first city he had in mind was Valencia.

In terms of technology, the idea is to work in a complementary business area that is already underway: provide the same platform to suppliersthus gaining a tool to centralize customers, optimize distribution and, above all, detect potential customer leaks that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Source: Informacion


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