He defrauded 172,000 euros from Social Security by pretending to be his deceased stepfather, and Unicaja now has to pay his fine

After the bank was defrauded by a man, Unicaja was ordered to pay 172,000 euros in compensation to Social Security. Acting as his late stepfather for 18 years To continue to receive your pension. This was confirmed by a decision of the Supreme Court of 3 March detailing how the scammer EL PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA from the Prensa Ibérica group had access, and who was sentenced to two years in prison, was captured. announced bankruptHe went to one of the offices with a fake ID to get a new card for the deceased’s account so he could keep stealing the money.

The man, now 67, signed his stepfather’s death certificate when he died in June 1999, but did not report what happened to Social Security. His pension at that time in a bank in Malaga was 46,810 pesetas, which was converted to about 233 euros. ongoing fraudfor a total of 172,077 euros.

frozen account

Between 1999 and 2007, the Judge detected several transfers of between 6 and 8 euros in both directions, meaning the money came from the stepfather’s account and a few days later the fraudster returned the money. However, in 2010 went to prison for another reason, therefore no activity was recorded on the account for six months.

However, in December of the same year the transfers were reactivated, and in March 2015, Unicaja, the bank where his stepfather’s account was stored, block due to the customer file and the owner not having an Identity Card.

According to the General Secretariat of Penal Institutions, the fraudster, who was not released until March 2016, could not use the money SGK paid to his stepfather as a pension. However, he waited another year, specifically March 2017, until he dared to regain control of the account.

The bank has to assume the debt

In the same year, on March 13, a person went to Unicaja branch and changed personal data, printed and signed the customer file and performed some transactions. He made a presentation for it. identity card that turned out to be fakebut the deception worked and the staff gave him a new passbook and a badge to freely access that money.

Just three months later, while the scammer tried to extort as much money as possible, The alarm went off inside the bank. for possible fraud and possible falsification of the identity presented. From there and after the crime was detected, the bank had to pay the money deposited in the account, ie 42,868 euros, to SSI between 2013 and 2017, but a new front was opened in this process: Who should take it? the remaining 129,209 euros plus interest fee?

The most urgently responsible person, the scammer, bankruptcy order It was accepted by Justice in 2019 so that the secondary legal liability immediately became the bank protecting the money and being scammed with fake identity document.

Taking the issue to the highest level, Unicaja now tried to criminalize everything that was cheated before 2013 and received a decision of rejection from the Supreme Court. foreseen crimebecause the continuation of the fraud eliminates the statute of limitations.

20 years on grandmother’s pension

The case isn’t the only similar case in court last week. At the Madrid County Court, an accused man receive her deceased grandmother’s 20-year pension He accepted a six-month prison sentence for guaranteeing that he was unaware of the crime until UDEF notified him of the proceeds of an account he shared with his mother, who had died a year ago. and never used.

But according to the indictment, the three of them were co-owners of this account, which had a monthly deposit of 700 euros and made card purchases until November 2015, and at that time the National Social Security Institution understood what was going on. The man, who had previously paid back the 111,544 Euros collected illegally, has to return another 37,250 Euros.

Source: Informacion


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