Cuatro to stream ‘Vota Juan’ for free after going through TNT

Mediaset continues to re-establish the programming of its main channels. Cuatro has announced that it will air this Monday in addition to its special programs ‘En busca del Nirvana’, ‘Focus’ and ‘Everything is a lie’ and ‘On Everyone’s Lips’.vote for john‘ after passing the payment theme TNTbut without revealing an approximate release date.

“Vota Juan”, created by Diego San José (“Ocho apellidos vascos”) and Juan Cabestany (“The wonderful world of Borjamari and Pocholo”) and produced by TNT and 100 Balas (Mediapro), a gripping political comedy brings together large doses of humor, crazy situations, ambition, and competition, among other components of the plot.

Javier RoomHis performance in this fiction, which was awarded the Ondas, Feroz, MiM and Unión de Actores awards, shares the spotlight with other actors. Maria Pujalte (“Journalists”), Nuria Mencia (“Feelings”), Adam Jezierski (“Gym Tony”), esty quesada (“Call”) and yael belicha (‘Entrevías’), among other actors, in this series he directed Victor Garcia Leon (“Right to dream”) and David Serrano (“Other Side of the Bed”).

The ambition to reach the Head of Government

Agriculture Minister Juan Carrasco, national deputy of La Rioja and former mayor of Logroño, after a series of political coincidences that spurred his ambition, He decides to take part in the primary elections of his party so that he can choose his candidacy for the Presidency of the Government.. Intrigues, jealousies and crises within his party will mark his rise in his political career.

Juan attempts to reach the pinnacle of politics. You will have the invaluable help of your campaign teamconsists of the press officer Macarena; chief of staff Carmen; and his personal secretary, Victor. Like its leaders, this unique and diverse group embraced their inexperience and lack of political skills. large doses of wit, picaresque, and improvisation.

Juan will face a wide variety of obstacles in his political career that he must face and overcome. His patient wife Paula completes his closest circle; and his queer teenage daughter Eva.

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