Farewell to the mountain with applause

« gastronomy daysWorld’s Managers» Having completed the Alicante Mountain tour in one of the smallest towns in the state, ballsWith just over 100 residents, it has concluded this culinary journey with the most authentic flavors of the towns in the interior of Alicante. his restaurant raco with mushroomsIt shone in all its glory and professionals gathered both in the kitchen and in the dining room. a well-deserved applause by restaurants that completely fill the business. But not only did the menu served on this occasion shine, the olive oil shined as well. ancient olive trees He was the hero of the tasting by the Millena mill.

The mayor of Balones, Juan Tomás Bou, and his deputy, Javier Sendra, are among the participants. JUANI RUZ

Manuel EsquembreThe chef of the Racó del Seta restaurant assures that “the response from the public has been great. Many people called, even asked where the town was and how to get there. We filled it completely, so I am so happy».

The oil tasting attracted great attention. JUANI RUZ

Regarding the menu, Esquembre emphasized “the star dish that matters most to me.” olleta with pork trotters and ribsA typical mountain dish, which is very suitable for the traditions of Mount Alicante. It is purely traditional as it was done in the old days. It is a recipe that should never be skipped and is very popular even in summer.”

Good atmosphere was the dominant note of the day. JUANI RUZ

As part of the gastronomy day, tasting local oils. Carles Pérez, SAT Agrofruit manager“We are making an organic, premium oil of the highest quality to reclaim the region and not lose this land,” said EVOO, who leads the family project built around Castell de la Costurera. ancient olive trees». Tadım focused on olive oil from olive trees that are several centuries old in the region, “trees that are very costly to maintain as they need constant care. But it is a very valuable natural heritage. about one oil with unique propertiesWe even see that some of these olive trees are of Syrian origin and are real natural jewels.

Manuel Esquembre indulges his olleta. JUANI RUZ

on his behalf Juan Tomás Bou, Mayor of Balonesstated that “this attempt”World’s ManagersI think it’s amazing and, above all, it promotes towns as small as Balones, and in this case through gastronomy, the Racó del Seta restaurant gets the biggest boost from our point of view as it serves the neighbors as it is a municipal concession. and also attracts people from outside ».

«Olleta de la Montaña with trotters and pork ribs». JUANI RUZ

Moreover Javier Sendra, state MPevaluated the initiative in an “overly positive” way. INFORMATION To save these gastronomic days together with the Alicante Provincial Council. “They energize towns, even the smallest ones, they value our worth. gastronomic traditions and serves as tourism promotion.

Next appointment, Las Marinas.

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