Pouch caterpillar: a pest to be fought year-round

Treatments to prevent the reproduction of the pine processionary beetle (Thaumetopea pityocampa) depends on their life cycle. Lokímica is responsible for the pest control of many public establishments and arrives in the spring with all preventive work done. These interventions are done in the fall, especially in September and October. Therefore, now in the spring, corrective actions are carried out only at the points where the caterpillar has managed to develop. However, actions and revisions are carried out at all times of the year, since each stage of the life cycle of this insect has its own treatment.

When the processionary larva is in its developmental stage, it is time for preventive actions. The company is committed to endotherapy, a technique that introduces the biological product directly into the pine trunk to prevent the caterpillar from developing.

Lokímica’s technical staff also set pheromone traps in trees to catch the procession. It is a very effective method consisting of placing traps containing a synthetic pheromone as bait. The goal is to catch the largest number of males in the butterfly stage who feel tempted and fall into the collecting bag where they are trapped before they can get out. The trap reduces the likelihood of encounters between males and females, which translates into a very significant reduction in the number of fertilized females. In this case, it is essential to conduct uninterrupted mass trapping every year in order to keep the population at low levels.


The combined use of these two prevention strategies is essential to minimizing the pest. But if the ceremony manages to evolve even as such, Lokímica has more means to stop its reproduction.

On the one hand, placing physical barriers on the trunks of trees. Staff place catch rings to catch caterpillars as they work their way down the pines. They are trapped in high-capacity bags as they descend to the ground in a single file. In addition, if the bags are at accessible points, they can be removed directly and locally. Technical personnel perform the manual pruning using the pole. Finally, we also carry out preventive treatments by spraying. These actions allow us to interfere with difficult access points.

All these year-round control strategies allow Lokímica to keep the pine processionary at bay and protect the environment and public health of the population.

Source: Informacion


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