At the Military Medical Academy. Kirov was made by the “Russian Radio” 09:43 propaganda team.

The propaganda team of Russian Radio, consisting of singers Elena Sever, Zemlyane and Burito groups, Vladimir, YurKiss and Roman Arkhipov, went to St. He performed for soldiers undergoing treatment at the Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg. It has been reported Russian Ministry of Defense.

“The artists did their best to give the audience a sense of happiness and universal unity, and to remind both the military and the doctors whose jobs are particularly stressful today, that the whole country is on their side,” the message said.

Petersburg Deputy Governor Boris Piotrovsky said that for a year, Russian Radio’s propaganda teams had “circulated the country, giving concerts, raising morale and displaying a fighting spirit”.

“I always say: go to the Donbass, to the front line – everything will fall into place for you, this changes all values ​​and views,” said the Ministry of Defense, Elena Sever.

It was also noted that the artists who visited St. Petersburg brought equipment for rehabilitation and humanitarian aid collected at their own expense.

Source: Gazeta


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