A chalet in Elche with burns of goods and rubbish

Members of the Provincial Firefighters Consortium extinguish a declared fire this Wednesday afternoon inside Mountain House from Elche. The fire has calcined a living placeluckily undamaged. House it was full of stuff and garbage and obviously don’t leave.

As reported by this security unit, the fire 16:13 it’s Wednesday and it’s considered controlled 17:47

One of the firefighters left the house after putting out the fire. INFORMATION

A fire broke out in a single-family house at number 86. Santa Teresa village. There was heavy smoke at the entrance and the flames also affected the roof of the house. where there is a large collection of burning goods and garbage. According to the Fire Consortium, a lot of flame and smoke came out of the house. very impressed for the fire

A firefighter cools the fa├žade of his burnt-out chalet in Elche. INFORMATION


In the operation to extinguish the fire, two units of the Headquarters Command, a Sergeant, a Corporal and 6 Firefighters, together with 1 Heavy City Bomb, 1 Heavy Village Bomb and 1 ladder truck intervened. From the Elche and Crevillent parks.

Source: Informacion


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