Alicante supporters increase pressure to get a direct flight with the US

possibility of establishing new airline directly United States of America is on its way to becoming a new cause. Valencia face off against Alicante.. This Alicante supportersGiven the growing interest of many Americans in buying homes in Europe, those who decided this year to focus their efforts on market opening in the North American country, They fear that Manises Airport will be preferred again For this connection – as it already did between 2008 and 2012 under the pretext of the Copa América – to the detriment of the state’s interests. A situation they’re willing to fight plant warfare and this has already caused the first friction.

Thus, alarm bells began to ring in the sector due to the recent crisis. promotional mission of the department Generalitat Tourism And Community Chambers Council organized new York A meeting with a North American airline is expected between March 27-30. a situation created discomfort Within the employers’ association of Alicante supporters, ProviaFearing that the move will serve to announce or at least support the new course with Valencia. So the protests Carlos Baño, President of the Alicante Chamberchoosed did not participate To the mission, as Baño himself affirmed, thinking it would only benefit the neighboring province and that “we are here to defend the interests of Alicante”.

Jesualdo Ros, the general secretary of Provia.

They deny the biggest from the Generalitat and still far from announcing any links, and also that their purpose Promote the Community of Valencia destination as a whole and they do not prefer any airport. But the discomfort of businessmen gives an idea. how much is in dangerbecause both the experts and the businessmen consulted think that it is unlikely that Alicante and Valencia will have one line each.

“I It’s a mistake to bet on Valencia again“Where a line with New York has already failed,” says Provia’s general secretary. Jesus Roswho did not hide his concerns about the movements made to take the route from the tourism board of cap i casal, Visit València. Therefore, Alicante mainly concentrates residential tourism Autonomy to attract these new buyers and also El Altet, Better links with EuropeThis will also make it possible to attract US teleworkers interested in being within easy reach of the continent’s main cities.

In this sense, promoters in Alicante and the rest of the tourism industry, Costa Blanca Board of Directors, it depends on the County Council to provide this direct link. In fact, their leaders are due next May. main airline fair -Routes- where they hope to contact North American airlines to sell the destination. A strategy they want too Strengthening Alicante as a cruise basebecause they thought Palma de Mallorca anyone Malaga According to its director, it played a key role in the creation of such routes. Jose Mancebo.

Regional Tourism Secretary Francesc Colomer.

Tourism Regional Secretary, Frances Colomer, He is surprised at the organizers’ discomfort and points out that the next trip to New York is for two. “crushed stone” And Announcing the fate of the Valencian Community as a whole, without choosing any, including airports. In this sense, the possibility of a regular flight is still far from possible and the first thing is to create a market and then the latter will decide whether to establish the air link and at which airport. Thus, he emphasizes that most of the business delegation that will accompany him will be from Alicante, and he does not understand the suspicions that arise.

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