An Irkutsk resident sentenced to five years in prison for torturing a partner’s child 15:42

A 32-year-old man from Irkutsk was sentenced to five years in prison for torturing his partner’s four-year-old daughter. prosecution Irkutsk region.

According to the investigation, the accused beat the girl, forcing her to stand on peas, causing pain and moral torment.

The girl turned to a grocery store near the house for help, where the seller filmed a conversation with a boy and his beatings, after which a criminal case was opened.

Formerly 15 year old student complained teachers for regular beatings and bullying in the family.

The boy wrote an explanatory note to the head teacher in which he said that he was regularly beaten by his father. The parent hit him on the head with his hands, forced him to squat more than a hundred times, threw the textbooks at him and shouted.

The boy is known to have bone cancer, has recently undergone chemotherapy and is in remission.

Upon the child’s complaint, the school administration invited the mother for a meeting, but the woman could not come. In his defense, the father stated that his son exaggerated everything, really forcing him to squat, but not beating.

Source: Gazeta


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