Manu Baqueiro shows face again for ‘MasterChef’: “I haven’t seen anyone get high”

the discussion continuesMasterChef Celebrity‘. The last celebrity edition of the talent show was directed by the highly controversial Patricia Conde. The actor decided not to fight for a place in the final duel and declared his position in the final, filing a criminal complaint against the program and defending himself against public criticism.

The host reassured that he did not use drugs and dynamited the contest, stating that he had colleagues who did and that the producer was aware of it.

Back then, the ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ universe was divided. Many contestants like xuso jones anyone Seville He came out to defend Conde and was charged against the program, while others Anabel Alonso anyone Lorraine Castell They stood up for talent.

pasta kingCEO Shine Iberia (“MasterChef”) was the last to speak out about this discussion, and Patricia’s attitude “very unpleasant”, advised celebrities not to accept criticism for not participating in the contest. on his behalf Manu Baqueiro He was one of the advocates of the TVE format but has now done it again in an interview. Sports world.

“I worked hard to get to that final that both Lorena and I deserve. I have not seen anyone do drugs, and I have seen many colleagues give their all. and be great contestants. the rest is smokeSaid the contestant who had a lot of complicity with Conde during the galas.

“It was fun, it was very very very intense and It helped me get out of my comfort zone”He highlighted his ‘MasterChef’ experience and his subsequent return to TVE. ‘Love in troubled times’, He stated that he would not participate in such a format. survivors‘.

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