The senior manager arranged for his girlfriend at the factory to fire him and pay him 50 million rubles 13:55

The top manager of a factory producing military aircraft tires in Yaroslavl got a job to fire his lover and pay 50 million rubles. reported On Mash Telegram channel.

Working at the Avia tire factory in Yaroslavl, Kirill Vasiliev received a non-existent assistant manager position to his beloved Janet Stumbraite in 2020. At the same time, he was promised compensation of 50 million rubles if the woman was fired in the next 10 years.

A few months later, Janet Stumbright, having been fired, went to court and demanded payment of the stated amount. The woman was turned down because she couldn’t prove she actually worked for the company.

In 2021, a criminal case was opened against Vasiliev and Stumbright, but in 2023 it was closed for refusing 50 million rubles.

Formerly US IT company IBM filed In court against the former top manager of her “daughter” in Thailand, she argued that the specialist should pay almost half a million dollars for leaving a rival company.

Source: Gazeta


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