inside house cleaning chores maybe there is something you forgot a little about and shouldn’t do: clean your plants. Yes, these creatures that you have in your home need more care in addition to irrigation and fertilization, and great care should be taken for their leaves.

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Why do they need you to clean them? Very simply, what they do on the surface of the leaves photosynthesisso if they accumulate dust, dirt or other substances it may be difficult for them to do so and eventually they will die.

In any case, do not worry because this is not a very tedious task and you should not do it every day, but like everything this will depend on the number and size of your plants. The most convenient thing to do is to ask an expert when you buy a particular sample, as they will tell you exactly how to clean it, but here we can offer some general tricks that may help you.

All the benefits of rainwater for your plants

All the benefits of rainwater for your plants

how to clean plants

A good solution if you want to refresh your plants and at the same time remove any small dust that may be on them. put them under the tap, but watch out. In order not to damage the leaves, the water should not come out too hard and the water should be warm, neither too cold nor too hot. And most importantly: Do not expose a plant with water on its leaves to direct sunlight, they may burn.

If you want to remove dust or other matter that has accumulated on the surface, for example, a cloth with water. Dampen the cloth and gently clean the leaves from root to tip, without damaging them, and without applying pressure.

Another of the products that are generally used to clean leaves is milk. Milk helps prevent fungal growth on your plants. You just need to moisten a cloth with milk and clean the leaves. You do not need to rinse, you will see how it regains its former shine.

A beer cane.

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Beer. Yes beer It is another of the products in your home that you can use for your plants. The properties of barley will give them a unique shine, and the potassium, calcium and magnesium contained in them will give them a lot of vitality. So, if you’ve run out of beer, don’t hesitate, take advantage of it by dipping cotton in and cleaning your plants with it.

Finally, there is another very effective remedy. banana peel. Take the banana you just ate, take one of the strips and gently run the inside of the paper. It is not necessary to clarify afterwards, just remove any residue that may have remained and you will see that it is shiny.