Most flights to London, Vienna and Maldives fell at 02:00 in April

Travel planning service OneTwoTrip has identified cities where it is more profitable to fly in mid-spring than at the beginning of the season. To do this, experts analyzed one-way airfare prices in March and April. “” got acquainted with the results of the study.

The price of tickets to London has changed the most: visiting the capital of Great Britain in April can be 74.6% cheaper than in March. The average cost of a flight is 35,000 rubles.

Second place was taken by Vienna: a flight to the main city of Austria can be found for 40,000 rubles, which is 56.7% less than the previous month.

Malé closes the top three, with the price of the ticket decreasing by 50.1% and about 52,000 rubles.

In addition, in April, travel to Budapest became more profitable (the flight price fell by 31.8% to 44,000 rubles), Abu Dhabi (-24.6%, 48,000 rubles), Dubai (-20.1%, 33 300 rubles), Bangkok ( – 18.6%, 32,300 rubles), Milan (-16.8%, 41,000 rubles), Delhi (-2.8%, 32,200 rubles) and Lisbon (-1.2%, 57,400 rubles).

Formerly Wrote about the domestic routes where air ticket prices drop the most in the spring.

Source: Gazeta


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