North Korea launched a missile from a submarine in response to a US-South Korean military exercise.

North Korea launched a missile from a submarine this weekend From the waters near the North Korean city of Sinpo in the northeastern part of the country, as reported by the Chiefs of Staff of the South Korean Armed Forces on Monday and compiled by the Yonhap news agency.

North Korea confirms launch “strategic cruise missiles” from a submarine. The bullets would have traveled a distance of 1,500 kilometers and flown for 125 minutes.

launch It will be a response to the start of the Freedom Shield joint military exercises between South Korea and South Korea this Monday. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

“Our forces are reinforcing their vigilance and continuing their full preparations, in close cooperation with the United States,” he said. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff announced in a press release.

The US and South Korean exercises will last eleven days. until March 23. These are the longest maneuvers ever undertaken by either country.

with these maneuverstrying to send a message to North Korea as the two countries threaten to develop their nuclear program.

North Korea criticized these maneuvers and announced “important, practical” measures for the “offensive use” of deterrent warfare assets. South Korean media firmly admits that North Korean military tests will take place to coincide with joint exercises with the United States.

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