The first avalanche fell in the area where the Dyatlov group died

Near the place of death of the Dyatlov tourist group in the Urals, an avalanche was recorded for the first time, and this was the first documented evidence of the avalanche version of the tragedy. The photos were taken in January 2022, said Member of “” of the last expedition to the Dyatlov Pass Oleg Demyanenko.

“This is a kind of circus, very interesting from a geomorphological point of view. Apparently, it snows there so much that it occasionally rains avalanches. And we got there so well that 15-20 minutes before our arrival a micro avalanche fell and we managed to record the trace of its convergence. Literally half an hour later there was no sign of avalanche because there was a blizzard and we documented all this. Thanks to the special aerodynamics of the ground, the snow flies over the funnel at great speed, and it seems that in this place some kind of sparseness is formed and densely settled. ”

Participants on one of the Dyatlov Pass excursions in 2021 noticed an unusual dark formation on the slope adjacent to the place where the tourists died, first mistaken for the shadow of a cloud, and then also found in video footage. Another expedition, which witnessed an avalanche in January 2022, set off for the pass to learn about the nature of the dark spot.

According to Demyanenko, the slope in this place is higher than where the tourists died, but the discovery for the first time proved that the area is in principle avalanche-prone, and this has been denied for many years.

“Of course there is a 1 in 10 thousand chance of simulating the same conditions at the tent site. After all, they said for a long time that this cannot and will not be here. We have proven that the area is potentially avalanche-prone. And although everyone always says that this will never happen, avalanches happen there, ”added a member of the expedition, the results of which were published by Swiss scientists in the journal Communications Earth & Environment.

The Dyatlov Pass in the Northern Urals between Mount Holatchakhl (1096.7 m) and an unnamed elevation 905 is named after Igor Dyatlov, a student whose group died in these places under unclear circumstances in February 1959. Until now, there was no documentary evidence of the avalanche version.

Source: Gazeta


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