Newsweek: The capabilities of the Russian submarine fleet are starting to cause concern in NATO15:57

American edition news week He writes that NATO members “sounded the alarm because of the capabilities of the Russian submarine fleet.” Such a view was contained in the article “Russian Submarine Strategy – How Putin Plans to Manage Underwater”.

As the article’s author, Isabelle van Brugen, explains, fears stem from Russia’s recent production of a number of submarines capable of hitting high-value targets in the United States and continental Europe. Russia is reported to have one of the most diverse submarine fleets in the world, which includes, among other things, ships capable of carrying ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads.

According to a Newsweek columnist, Russia could use its navy as a tool to manage escalation in wars, as the threat from conventional (non-nuclear) Russian naval weapons could deter potential enemies from using its advantages in other areas.

Concerns also relate to the potential threat to critical infrastructure.

“You can imagine what would happen if the Russians cut the transatlantic internet cables – it would have huge financial consequences and also severely restrict communications between the United States and continental Europe,” said Michael Peterson, director of the US Russian Naval Research Institute.

Former Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation showed Video of the Caliber cruise missile launching from a submarine. It is stated that the firing range exceeds 1000 km.

Source: Gazeta


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