Businessman Tyurin was fined 375 thousand rubles. Tried to take a large amount to Maldives

Against Vladimir Tyurin, an administrative protocol was drawn up by the customs officers of the capital’s Sheremetyevo Airport on an attempt to receive a large amount of cash from abroad, namely $ 20,000, without declaration, when the businessman wanted to fly with his girlfriend to the Maldives. This happened on February 6, 2021. After Tyurin left the VIP lounge with his girlfriend and crossed the green corridor to board the plane, he had a confrontation with customs officers. The inspector’s protocol states that the money was found in the property of the entrepreneur only after his belongings were inspected.

Initially, the customs sent the administrative case to the Khimki court, but in the end it was directed to the world zone at the place of residence of the entrepreneur – judicial district number 380 in the Presnensky district of Moscow. Materials on the businessman’s case arrived there three months ago, and the hearings began in January.

According to a correspondent from the courthouse, Tyurin testified on his own. He stated that he wanted to fly to Maldives with his common-law wife Tatyana. According to him, they jointly received $ 20 thousand for a vacation for two – the money was in his bag. Tyurin said that the amount corresponds to the amount allowed for export without declaration – for two people. Two lawyers of the entrepreneur insisted on a similar position, by analogy with the total amount of alcohol carried by relatives or other things. But the judge Sergei Kirsanov did not agree with these arguments and fined the businessman 375,000 rubles.

The businessman and his lawyers allege, citing the testimony of a witness-witness, that when he stood on duty, Tyurin promptly notified investigators of the amount of cash available for the two. However, according to the lawyers, Tyurin and his common-law wife were separated, and the businessman was subject to Article 16.4 of the Code of Administrative Offenses. 10 thousand people were seized for transportation without declaration.

Representatives of the businessman’s defense insist that the customs officers tried to take $ 5,000 from him “on the spot”, but he left on principle, because he missed his flight.

“According to established practice, Tyurin flew many times [с такой же суммой] and he told other customs inspectors that he and his wife had the nth amount, which did not exceed $20,000, and the other customs inspectors reacted normally, ”said lawyer Alexei Ivanov.

The lawyers, who wanted the protocol to be canceled, drew attention to the uncertainties in the customs legislation and noted that in accordance with the Eurasian Economic Union Customs Law, citizens cannot carry more than 10 thousand dollars without submitting a declaration, but they can also carry it. , the law does not contain “any statutes, recommendations, methodological explanations, including the explanations of customs officers” at airports, which leads to different interpretations of situations related to cash handling.

Tyurin’s common-law wife did not testify in court. The customs inspector, who kept a report about the businessman, did not come to the meeting.

Administrative article attributed to the entrepreneur is penalized in the form of a fine from half to twice the amount of undeclared cash. The court found Tyurin guilty and sentenced him to the lower bar.

16.4 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation “Tyurin Vladimir Anatolyevich. To recognize guilty of committing an administrative offense and to impose an administrative fine on him in the amount of 375 thousand 553 rubles. kopek,” Judge Kirsanov ruled on Friday and noted:

The interpretation of the law on the distribution of property when moving across borders to family members applies only to close relatives who do not have a common-law spouse.

Businessman Vladimir Tyurin is famous.

In 2017, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine described him as a “criminal authority controlled by the Russian FSB” and a “true client” of the murder of former Russian State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov, whose center was shot by a murderer. Kyiv in March 2017. According to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, one of Tyurin’s motives was personal reasons: Voronenkov’s widow, Russian opera singer Maria Maksakova, was previously Tyurin’s common-law wife and they have children in common with him.

In the same 2017, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions against Tyurin, this list also included a dozen crime bosses, who, according to the sanctions list, were united into the “Circle of Brothers”.

In addition, Maksakova twice appealed to the law enforcement agencies of Russia with a request to initiate a criminal case against Tyurin, including the clause for occupying the highest position in the criminal hierarchy (“thief in law”), but was denied. . According to his lawyers, the singer also made a statement to Spanish law enforcement. In 2006, the Spanish authorities had claims against the entrepreneur. Russian media also point to Tyurin’s criminal background, noting his close ties to officials such as Yaponchik, Ded Khasan and Sharko Molodoy.

The court fined businessman Vladimir Tyurin 375,000 rubles for trying to get 20 thousand dollars in cash from Russia, which is twice the amount allowed for export without declaration to the Maldives. The entrepreneur insisted that the total amount for two, together with his friend, is necessary for a joint vacation on the islands.

Source: Gazeta


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