52-week challenge: how to save money and go on vacation without scratching your pocket

They told us that we should always look on the positive side of things, and even the pandemic, as incredible as it may seem, has brought something positive: savings levels in Spain, Highest for over 10 years.

With such a high savings, there are many people who are used to having a little extra cash in their bedrooms, and now that we are slowly returning to the frenetic pace of the life we ​​lived before, those savings are flying away or so. it’s just as impossible for us to go back to save them as it was in March of last year.

Saving with magic is great, so you methods more efficient in saving Now is the time to do it again of your own free will. The 52-week challenge is a very popular technique that will give you an “obscene” amount of money after completing the challenge.

From one year to the next, or from 52 weeks to 52 weeks, you will see how your savings gradually increase. first week of the fight You will save 1 euro, second week 2 euro, third week 3 etc. until the last week you will save 52 euros, isn’t it easy? If you complete the challenge, after depositing the last saved amount, You will not have more and less than 1,378 euros An amount that is huge for us, but useful for a vacation or a personal whim. For this reason, it is commonly used for certain dates, such as after the summer holidays or the start of Christmas.

Although it may seem easy to save money in this way, it has its difficulties as in every saving method; and that week after week you will see how the unspent amount increases i.e. the amount you spend the ability to routinely spend will decrease. The standard of living will drop, yes, but compared to the amount saved, you won’t notice much.

With 52 weeks of challenge you will start saving €1 and eventually you will have much more. Pixabay

The 52-week savings challenge is even more interesting as it can be adapted to any pocket or goal. You can start with 50 cents and increase by 50 to 50 until you get 689 euros at the end of the year; or be a little more ambitious and start with 10, the economic capacity loss over time will be more than 1 euro savings, but after one year the savings will be 13,780 euros.

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